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About Dirtbike Fanatics

We are a honest and reputable company trading in pre-loved used dirt bikes.  We pride ourselves in giving excellent customer service. We also do  trade ins and finance is available. We have 34 years experience in the motorcycle trade and are well known in the industry for our excellent quality second hand used dirt bikes.

Training is also available to ensure safe riding for you or your family

Gary Whitehouse the owner of Dirtbike Fanatics has raced since 1985 till present and has vast knowledge of anything on two wheels.






Make sure that when you buy your dirt bike that the seller can supply you with a manufacturer’s certificate and/or registration papers. If you buy a motorbike without the correct papers it can be a stolen motorbike and you will be held responsible if it turns out to be a stolen . You can be arrested and loose your money. If it sounds to good to be true….chances are it probably is.